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Posted: 2013-11-15 / Author: Luther C Diedericks

Staying Successful With Your High Growth Company

High growth can affect your business in a number of ways

Have you noticed that as a high growth company people thought you were so successful you didn'’t need help? In fact as you look around it’s almost impossible to find anyone with a real understanding of the issues you face. As the owner of your business you may have found your workload has increased and despite all those new sales, you are making less money than before and you might even be showing a loss – leaving you to wonder “is it all worth it?”

In order to help I have teamed up with Laurence Ainsworth of the United Kingdom to exclusively offer a solution in South Africa. Click here to read more about Lawrence and comments from people who enjoyed success working with him.

We recognised this was a significant issue holding back some of the potentially most exciting businesses in South Africa and we came up with a way for you to access that expertise to deal with the pressure cooker of high growth. We wanted to change all this so we put together a solution for both high growth businesses and consultants who see high growth companies as a valuable niche.

To introduce you our approach on Staying Successful with your High Growth Company, Laurence will present  an introductory webinar on the Thursday 21 and Tuesday 26 November 2013  on a complimentary basis, click on link below to book  for the date most suited to you.

Thursday 21 November 2013 click here  Webinar will last 40 minutes and will take place @ 7pm CAT
Tuesday 26 November 2013 click here  Webinar will last 40 minutes and will take place @ 7pm CAT

 All attending will  receive the ebook "Successful Sales Forecasting"

Come and learn how high growth can affect your business in a number of ways and the problem is that in high growth these problems come thick and fast giving you little or no time to respond and compounding the effect of making a wrong decision.

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