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Budgeting and forecasting

We are able to assist you with the preparation of a budget or forecast which could be used in your business plan or as tool to measure your businesses’ performance. The process for initialising the services is started by filling out a service reque...

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Busines Advisor

Are you a small business advisor, mentor or coach or have an interest to be trained as one? SA Business Hub is setting the scene for the Entrepreneurial Revolution in South Africa by offering an un...

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Posted: 2005-04-18 / Author:

Finding The Right Person For The Job. Recruitment And Selection

Recruiting, selecting the right person and matching their skills and capability to the job is a key activity for business success. Recruitment costs can average £15,000. The wrong person in the wrong job is a costly mistake. Do you want to ensure your business gets quality staff in the right job? Then there are number of considerations and tools to help you attract and retain the right people.

Purpose of the Class
To give the absolute essential skills to recruit and select your potential staff helping you to grow the business. This class will give you practical tools that will help you to attract and retain your chosen candidates. By taking this class you will ensure your business always has the right staff at the right time avoiding expensive recruitment drives, long term empty vacancies and high staff turnover

By the end of the session you will be able to:
Establish an effective recruitment and selection framework you can use over and over again.
Understanding recruitment from your perspective and the candidate perspective. Analyse and prepare job description and person specification
Prepare effective job adverts
Use right selection tests Identify the key information you require during interviews using a six point plan in your interviews
Shortlist the best candidates
Use relevant documentation for references

Additional Resources
1 Free Coaching session with the class leader of this class.

R 142.76

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