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Posted: 2013-07-03 / Author: Luther Diedericks

Commonwealth School Enterprise Challenge

SA Business Hub has been selected as a School Enterprise Challenge Community Ambassador

The Commonwealth School Enterprise Challenge is an international business competition for schools to set up their own school-based enterprise. The school business will then generate income which can be used to support the students and their community.

We received the following notification from the UK based organisation, Teach a man to Fish, who offers the annual Commonwealth School Enterprise Challenge. "Thank you for participating in the EDUCATING AFRICA 2012 Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education.We have been so inspired by your work that we are writing to ask you to help us to inspire even more organisations in your country to take positive steps towards making education more relevant and sustainable. Your organisation has been selected as a School Enterprise Challenge Community Ambassador"

WE accepted the challange and are promoting participation and supporting the schools that participate


For more information on the competition please visit our website

 The School Enterprise Challenge is a two stage, global competition for schools to:

What is the School Enterprise Challenge?


1. Design a business plan for a social enterprise


2. Launch a social enterprise and generate income


Taking part is easy! Schools just need to follow five simple steps:


1. Register online at before July 30th. The competition is open to all school students in every country of the world.

2. Design a business plan for a social enterprise and submit it to us before August 30th


3. Implement the business plan and generate income for your school or a cause of their choice!


4. Access hundreds of school profiles, blog about your experiences and find yourself a great partner school so share your project with!


5. Submit a short report to us before December 3rd telling us how well you did and win thousands of dollars of prizes!

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