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Posted: 2006-09-11 / Author: Keith Awen

What Marketing Is Really For

Marketing is an action who’s result is an increase in the
selling of products and services. These products and services
should completely satisfy customers while at the same time
making money for the company that is promoting and making this

Marketing is not supposed to be an underhanded forced fed take
no objection affair. Marketing is and should be a win-win
situation in which the customer purchases a product that fills
a need they have and in compensation for excellent service or a
fantastic product then pays that company money. This profit
allows the company to continue to do business in order to
continue creating and helping people through the service they

If this is the definition then it becomes obvious that one of
the first steps in your marketing campaign should be to find
out what a customer needs. A focus on what the customer wants
or needs is essential to successful marketing efforts. Once you
know what a customer wants, then the next thing is to make sure
that you can maintain a volume of sales that will continue to
produce a profit for the company.

The marketing campaign is a continuously morphing creature that
is always trying to create the optimum balance of complete
client satisfaction and increasing company profits. Marketing
starts with the filling of a need and the bigger that need, the
more potential for profits and increasing the quality of life
for your customers.

The process of marketing begins with discovering what product
customers want to buy. This bears repeating because if there is
no need, then the job of marketing becomes quite challenging.
Nobody is looking for what you have to offer. It is always
better to put your bait into a pond of hungry fish then into an
empty bathtub. This is of course only if you want to catch fish.

After you know what you will be selling and that there is a
demand, things become easier. From here it is a matter of
letting people know where to get your product, how to deliver
it to their hands and setting the price in a range that will
entice a purchase.

One of the biggest things to remember about marketing is that
it is easier to keep every customer happy, than to constantly
go and find new ones. Once you get a customer, make sure they
love your product or service. When you get to the point that
you have thousands of customers singing the virtues of your
company or product, your job marketing and getting the word out
gets that much easier!

With happy customers, you have a business. Once you establish
the reputation of putting out quality products, your future
marketing efforts are more warmly received. If a customer is
happy with your xyz product and then you come out with the xyz2
then that product is almost pre-sold. Mr. Smith knows you put
out quality stuff. He trusts you and if you are offering to
fill a need that he has for a reasonable price, he will buy
your new product. The best part is that he will buy it from you
instead of your competition because you have built a
relationship on quality and trust. Mr. Smith will be a customer
for life as long as you treat him well.

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