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Posted: 2010-11-18 / Author: SA BusinessHub

Triumphant Life


More than a third of Britons have an entrepreneurial drive despite enduring economic uncertainty, research finds. This confirms my belief that small businesses should keep trying to grow even though the economy is recovering slowly by taking advantage of opportunities such as weakened competition and big
company cutbacks.

For an investment of R497, I invite you to join the SA Business Hub membership for a six week focused campaign to realise a Triumphant Life. During this campaign I will share with you my formula and how to master the Triangle for Success of which the components are Life, Business and Investment .  If you subscribe, you will be provided with motivation, courses, resources and advice on how to realise a Triumphant Life. Join as member for this life -shifting experience.

Introduction to a Triumphant Life

  1. How to determine who and where you are and what you want to be
  2. Mastering Life to enable growth and development
  3. Making your Business a sustainable money making machine 
  4. Optimizing Investment to finance the life you deserve 
  5. Towards integration and balance

You will be given an insight into the topical areas, why each topical area is important and how to master them. The six week Triumphant Life Campaign will focus on the above topics by means of:

  • Weekly newsletters with content and motivational messages
  • Promote interaction and participation on the website forum and our national entrepreneur coffee groups
  • Topical expert addressing questions by email and on the Forum

As part of this offer you will also receive a six week SA Business Hub membership with access to the under mentioned uniquely developed and time proven business resources and tools.

  • Access to 923 articles 114 guides and 68 audio courses that covers everything you need to know about business.
  • More than 570 forms, templates, letters and agreements.
  • Access to an online sales portal
  • Free expert advice for six weeks on our community forum
  • Discounted access to further workshops and speaker events. 
  • Inspirational and educational emails.

Entry requirements: Have basic, computer literacy and internet access.

Ps. If you want your friends to be informed of this campaign, click here and we will invite them.

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