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Budgeting and forecasting

We are able to assist you with the preparation of a budget or forecast which could be used in your business plan or as tool to measure your businesses’ performance. The process for initialising the services is started by filling out a service reque...

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Opportunity to grow or start your business

A great opportunity to explore if you want to start a business or have one

So, you want to start a or grow abusiness? Then youd better make sure it is the right kind of business and that it will eventually be Scalable and Saleable. ...

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Posted: 2005-06-16 / Author:

The 6 Key Fundamentals Of Sales And How To Master Them

Class outline
The thing most owner managers would rather not do. This course covers the fundamentals of sales – how to prospect, how to close – and how to make the customer want to do business with you.

Purpose of the Class
To make your life easier when you go in front of a customer. To give you some ideas about how to talk to them in language that resonates with them – to help you extend the sale so that you are selling more products and services at a higher price and finally to get them to say yes.

Key Points
· Whole brain selling is about going for the Jugular via the scenic route
· People buy people first – and whatever second
· How different people think – how are they convinced, how do they negotiate
· Build rapport, expand their horizons – and amplify their pain to make them move
· Get the customer to close themselves – if they say it, it must be true.
· You can make your targets by being yourself

Questions this Class will answer
· What motivates the customer? · How do I know how to talk to them? · What has to happen for a sale to take place? · How to get the customer committed? · Differences between simple and complex sales? · How to get referrals?

Common problems this class will help you overcome
· Being used as an information source or as quote fodder
· I’ll think about it
· Talking yourself out the other side of the sale
· Being fobbed off with objections
· Clients who hide – the endless call back loop
· Establishing who the real decision maker is


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