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About SA Business Hub

The SA Business Hub website was created in response to the need of small business owners in South Africa requiring affordable and accessible on demand business training, knowledge and information, Coaching, a online marketplace for goods and services and a global network of small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Our mission is to provide quality Business Coaching, information, products, services, and solutions to small and growing businesses. Through the SA Business Hub Web site, entrepreneurs, businesses, coaches, and business professionals are able to access a comprehensive set of information, tools, and services to start and grow a business, solve business problems, raise capital, enhance sales and marketing, obtain strategic advice, and leverage the business community.


Our website is one of the most comprehensive sites on the Web for small and growing businesses, with over 150 business courses, 200 tele-classes, 100 recorded classes downloadable in MP3 or Real Audio, short courses, more than 500 articles, 120 micro modules on a variety of business subjects, more than 400 business forms and agreements, questions-and-answers, business and software solutions, coaching contacts, e-books and a extensive range of business services. Our site is divided into the following major areas:
HR & Performance
Accounts & Finance
Marketing & Sales
Business Forms

Target Market

Our target market is small and growing businesses, entrepreneurs, business professionals and small business Coaches.

Links on the Web

It is our intention that the site will contain thousands of useful links on the Web that link to the SA Business Hub site, including links from major business, news, and publication Web sites.


It is our intension that the SA Business Hub website will be recognized by the small business industry as one of the most innovative, responsive and complete resources for small business on the web.

History of SA Business Hub

The site was established in 2005
by Ben Botes and Luther Diedericks.

Marketing of the Website

The SA Business Hub website is marketed through a combination of online and offline marketing channels, strategic alliances, written articles, Blogs, online forums and a extensive search engine marketing strategy.

The Small Business Market

Small businesses are often referred to as the backbone of the economy of many countries and nowhere more so than South Africa. Small businesses tend to be Web savvy and entrepreneurial. Small businesses in the aggregate purchase billions of Rands of products and services every year.

Advertising on the SA Business Hub Site

For advertising inquiries, please fill out our Advertisers requests form. Click here and someone from out marketing department will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

Email Newsletters

Our e-mail newsletter goes out to all our member on a weekly basis. The newsletters provide tips, advice, information, and practical guidance for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Terms of Use

Your use of our site and the purchase of forms, agreements, products and services from us or third party vendors is subject to our Terms of Use Agreement. Please make sure that you have read and understood the Terms of Use Agreement.

Partnership Opportunities

We are frequently contacted by third parties wishing to partner with us. We will consider strategic alliance opportunities in the following areas:
  • licensing of our valuable content (articles, forms, agreements, letters, how-to's, questions & answers, and more ) to other sites
  • alliances where the SA Business Hub site will be featured prominently on other sites.
  • arrangements where an appropriate third party is featured prominently on our site.
  • co-branding arrangements for our Forms & Agreements Center
  • Sponsorship opportunities for key sections of our site
If you are interested in pursuing a strategic alliance opportunity with us, please click here and complete the online form.

SA Business Hub

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