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Business Tools & Resources

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4 Step Modules, on almost anything
As entrepreneurs ourselves, we realise that you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, especially when it comes to gaining new knowledge or learning more about a specific business area. You don’t have time to read a whole book on search engines or marketing procedures. For this reason we have created the latest in quick business learning. A range of 120 uniquely designed Micro Modules, each laid out in a few easy how-to steps.

Legal Issue worksheets
You are provided with a wide range of legal issue worksheets and checklists, ranging from lease to employment issues.

"I think you offer great resources and I greatly benefit from all the great resources!! God Bless!"

Renee Twaddle

"All I can say is "Wow!" Great web site---especially love your recorded classes."

Grenae – Leadership and team consultant

"WOW! Thank you for this great site. You have so much here, its going to take me a while to get thought it all. I am really keen to learn more as I work off a Small Amount of Funds but am planning a GREAT Big Future for my business. Thanks again"

Kirsten – CEO KC Enterprises


Marketing & Sales Support

4 Step Training
A range of 120 uniquely designed Micro Modules, each laid out in a few easy how-to steps.

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Sample of our more than 35 ecourses


Step by step how-to training programs
A range of 120 uniquely designed Micro Modules, each laid out in a few easy to take steps for creating a great e-business.

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"I believe, I'm on my way to the top, and I know with the classes and mentoring on your website, I’m well on my way. I will be visiting often."

Sheila Delaney

"Had the pleasure of joining your website. What a great idea, just what I was looking for my business."

Lasse Burholt – serial entrepreneur

"I am extremely impressed with your website, very informative. It saves me hours of looking for business information. I especially like all your articles."

Sylvia Browder


Financial Resources & Support


Interviews with Experts and Successful Entrepreneurs

On a weekly basis we bring you interviews with entrepreneurs who are already successful, those who have built great organisations and those experts who can tell you exactly how to do so yourself.

Interviews screenshot
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Online Forums
Wouldn’t it be great to have access to thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs at a touch of a button, to ask questions, share ideas, make friends and gain exposure for your business? Well this is exactly what our business forums are all about. In our business forums, you can:
  • Join our global community
  • Share ideas and resources
  • Build business relationships
  • Find buyers and suppliers
  • Or simply just connect with people like you facing the same challenges and obstacles

This great business tool provides you with the opportunity to market your goods and services to our global community, whilst also being able to find the products, services and business links that you are looking for.

"Your site is JAM PACKED with great resources and helpful forms and info for entrepreneurial enthusiasts. Looking forward to meeting with you soon."

Adam T.

"I really like your site it is very well done and most importantly a wonderful resource for marketing my products. Wishing you much success."

Aggie Ferguson - Jewler

"I must just thank you. Your site is filled with GREAT information which makes running my business so much easier. To YOUR success!"

Patricia Cecilia


Business Support and Mentoring

Step-by-Step Guides to guiding your start-up and performance
A range of 120 uniquely designed Micro Modules, each laid out in a few easy how-to steps to give you quick business savvy when you need it.


Certified Business Training Programmes

Free Live classes
Only offers such a wide range of instantly accessible classes for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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MP3 & Audio Recordings of classes
Our extensive range of almost 200 recorded classes on the most important small business topics provides you with easy access to learning at your own time and whilst on the move.

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A vibrant community of small business owners and entrepreneurs

As a small business owner you know the importance of support and networking. To support you, we have indispensable interviews with successful entrepreneurs, dynamic forums and a bustling online marketplace and classifieds section for you to promote your services.


Discussion Forum

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