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This package consist of the company registration service, business plan writing service (including the initial financial forecast), business identity service, website design and hosting services and accounting Services. This package is offered a...

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Triumphant Life


More than a third of Britons have an entrepreneurial drive despite enduring economic uncertainty, research finds. This confirms my belief that small businesses should keep trying to ...

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Posted: 2007-02-21 / Author: Thomas Oki

Marketing With Sales Letters

Here is a step by step guide on writing a winning sales letter. Follow these procedures and you will have a letter that will boost your sales, no matter what you are selling.

Step 1: Start with a strong headline
The headline is the most important aspect of the letter, and it must be in bold, large, eye-catching print. It must also be compelling enough to make the reader continue reading. Write at least 50 headlines, show them to colleagues, and pick the one that seems strongest.

Step 2: Write the copy
Work on the body of the letter, and make it personal and friendly, as if you are talking to a good friend. Include a good story in the copy. This is very important. Everyone loves a good story, and this is the perfect way to draw the reader in. If you are writing a letter for an acne product, talk about how you once had really bad acne and were embarassed to go to social events, etc. or whatever.

Step 3: Create at least 1 or 2 bulleted lists
People read bullet points. So make a list of the main benefits of your product, and create your list. Emphasize how the product will benefit the buyer, (do not just list features). Include this list in the main copy to break up the text and create variety.

Step 4: Use testimonial boxes
Gather testimonials for your product. You can do this by offering the product for free to a number of people, in return for their feedback. Then put these testimonials in colored boxes, and sprinkle them in over the body of the text. Testimonials are very powerful and lend credibility to your claims.

Step 5: At the end, slap on a guarantee
People love guarantees, and they have been shown to increase the number of sales. The best ones are 60 or 90-day money back guarantees.

Step 6: Create urgency and a call to action
This should also come toward the end. Tell the reader you only have 100 copies left of your book, or whatever. You must include something that compels the reader to buy now, not next week.

Step 7: Include FREE bonuses
Everyone loves getting more than what they paid for. Include at least 2 or 3 bonuses at the end, and make sure they are valuable things that somebody would normally pay money for.

That's it! Make sure you reread the letter, get feedback, and check all grammar and spelling. Writing a good sales letter is a skill and your first few attempts might not produce the best results. Keep improving your sales letter, and test different versions to see if you can improve the response rate (this is called split-testing). And finally, read lots of sales letters written by other people. Save the ones that are so good they got you to buy. The best way to learn is to dissect what the pros are doing.

About the Author: Tom Oki is co-founder and editor of,

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