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Posted: 2007-09-26 / Author: Naz Daud

Ebusiness Idea – Selling Internet Tutorials On The Web

An internet business that focuses on supplying quality tutorials on the web could be lucrative. Imagine being able to offer courses ranging from how to run a small business, learning to play the guitar and how to pass the physics exam. The range of courses on offer could be huge and could cover every aspect of life ranging from hobbies, education, sports, business, languages and much more.

The great thing about this idea is that your target audience could become international. It would be a good idea to probably focus on English courses and the English speaking world as your marketplace.

This is not a short term business idea but rather one that will keep someone busy for the next ten years at least. Over time it will be possible to amass a huge number of tutorials and simple courses and categorize them neatly into their respective folders.

The aim would be to have only decent and quality tutorials so that new clients would come back and give you repeat business. Long term you can even add video and audio to your site to make it easier for your customers to learn quickly.

Video tutorials will be huge in the future! If a picture speaks a thousand words imagine the power of teaching by video. Unlike normal teachers internet tutorials never get angry or lose their patience. Bright pupils can go at a faster pace whilst others might have to replay a course several times before they master it.

You would need to offer various forms of payment whether it is by cheque or credit cards. People no longer mind paying money on the internet as long as they are sure that their supplier has taken all the steps to safeguard their security.

There are many sites on the internet that do offer free courses but I haven’t found one yet that has all the courses laid out neatly on a decent website. You would have to build a custom designed website from scratch and improve on it year on year. It is important that the website is designed by a professional so that when new surfers come online they can easily find the course they are looking for.

This business could initially be run from home as there are no stock requirements and your courses are all downloaded from the internet. Longer term if the business grows you might have to move to dedicated offices.

So if you have plenty of capital, love education and are willing to commit for the long term then setting up an internet tutorial website could be both enjoyable and lucrative in the long term.

About the Author: Naz Daud – CityLocal Internet Franchise Internet Business Franchises and UK Business Directory Internet Business & Franchise Opportunity

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