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Posted: 2007-07-05 / Author: Dock Murphy

Business Proposals: Meeting With Investors About Your Business Idea

Raising money for your business can be very challenging especially if you are not the type of person who is comfortable marketing your business ideas. If you are one of those people who are not really very good at communicating you ideas verbally, it would be a good idea for you to spend a lot of time and efforts in preparing your business presentation to make sure that you have everything under control. When it comes to preparing your business presentation, you may need to the help of a business presentation expert just to make sure that you are able to get your points across clearly. Always remember that first impressions count when making business presentations so be sure to create a good impression in your potential investors.

When preparing your presentation for your meeting with the investors, make sure that you do not just present your business ideas, you should also them the potential profit that you can derive out of this business idea. Always remember that investors are very much concerned about profits so given them an idea of how you will mostly likely to earn and how it will take you to achieve this goal. Be realistic in your projections. Note that the investors will scrutinize these projections extensively and if they found out that you are bloating your projections, you will most likely lose their trust and their money.

Packaging Yourself

Investors are interested in you and your business. When the investors take a personal interest in you, it will be easier for you to convince then to finance your business venture. It is not uncommon for investors to invest in someone’s business simply because they know and trust that person. On the other hand, there have been cases where investors shy away from a good project simply because they do not like the person present who is making the business presentation. Since you as a person can make a big difference when it comes to convincing potential investors to pour in some money into your business, you make it a point to package yourself in such a way that the investors will like you and trust you. Now, do not attempt to gloss up your appearance. Investors will know it you are being phony so be honest about who you are and what you are.

Potential investors are not just interested in you; they are also interested in the members of your team. If you can bring some of the members of your team with you during your meeting, do so. A lot of investors are very concerned about how your team works so make sure that you demonstrate to them how you deal with the members of your team.

About the Author: Dock J. Murphy is owner of Plug In Profit and writes on a variety on a variety of subjects. To learn more about this topic Dock J. recommends you vist: Http://

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