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Posted: 2007-02-21 / Author: Steven Taylor

Marketing Through Building Relationships In Business

They say that it can take at least seven contacts to turn a stranger into a customer. When building relationships in business with your customer, it shouldn’t start when your customer makes the first purchase. It starts way before then. Instead what to do is cultivate your first contact with your customers and turn it into a friendly and true relationship. Long before they buy from you. Not only will it be good for your business, you might end up with a friend for life.

Promoting your business is very important. But building relationships in business is even more so. You should always have your products and services in front of customers so that they will not forget it. The more your product and services are out of the customers’ mind, the more you can lose out on sales. Businesses should have a standard scheme or method of contacting their customers. Just because they sought your services or brought your products once does not mean that the relationship has to end there. Here are some simple ways to keep your customers’ mind on your products and services and, thus, keeping the relationship open.

1) You should always recognize your customers’ high points or milestones. I am a wedding coordinator, and whenever my bride and groom tell me that they have accomplished something that needed to be done for the preparation of their wedding, I commend them on that. I become personally involved with their preparation, too, that in the end I become good friends with the couple.

2) Keeping them updated on your establishment’s big occasions is also one way to keep in contact with your customers. For my business, whenever I have a wedding show or a big event coming up, I never neglect to invite my couples to these shows and events. I also ask them to invite other couples especially those wanting to get married. In that way, I not only lose contact with my customers, but I also gain more.

3) Using technology in your business can move you forward. The Internet is one great way to advertise your business. You can post your ads thorough blogs and podcasts. Posting interesting topics that your customers will surely like is a great way to attract their attention, keeping it short but direct to the point and very informative.

4) You do not have to be so involved in each of your contact with your customers. Instead, try to keep it short and simple. Giving simple written notes or simple phone calls just to let your customer know that your services are there for them anytime they need it is enough. Regular but simple interaction with them is better than too involved interaction. These simple interactions also create a bigger impression.

If your business is still in the process of growing and being recognized, attracting new customers is very important to increase your sales, but building relationships in business does not mean that you have to neglect your existing customers. Pleasing and keeping them happy should be your focus and first port of call. It has been tried and tested that companies who fail to take care of their existing customers ultimately fail. Know that you will squander twice as much and lose money looking for and attracting new customers than taking care of your existing customers. A company that cannot hold on to its existing customers will find that it is harder to satisfy new customers and clients. Building relationships in business and gaining their loyalty and patronage is not only a challenge but a necessity to any business. You should make every effort in satisfying your customers with their daily interactions with you, be it big or small transactions. Neglecting your customers, existing or new, could mean failure as they could seek the services of your competitors who will surely try to offer more than what you can just to get your customers’ loyalty.

About the Author: Steven Taylor is a Marketing Consultant to - one of the most innovative and effective suppliers to the electronics & semiconductor industries. Services include BGA Rework and De-Bug Services.

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