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Posted: 2013-07-11 / Author: Luther Diedericks

Flexkom Is Coming To Your Country And You Can Join For Free

Through the innovative FlexKom system, the online and the conventional world of commerce are merged.

FlexKom is a state of the art business that is using the latest technology available to build a new shopping experience for both consumers and retailers. It is giving retailers the opportunity to fight back against the “big boys” ( big supermarkets), and for them to bring their business into the online world. The pioneering core of the business model is the linking of local retail and online commerce – expanded by a functional M-commerce model. FlexKom - the special business model opens up completely new perspectives for the commercial world. FlexKom – launched in the year 2010 with a trial rollout in Turkey. This innovative and visionary business model have since been recording incredible growth with its further roll-out in the UK and Western Europe and to be expanded to the rest of the world to soon. It combines Mobile Commerce, Networking, Direct Sales and Franchise in one concept and offers a mini-franchise for people who’d like to become a FlexKom partner. The most important asset of this company is not located in a building or a proprietary formula, but in the hearts and the minds of people like you who are willing to share our unique products and rewarding business opportunity with others. Through the innovative FlexKom system, the online and the conventional world of commerce are merged. The UK and Western Europe are open to take up this opportunity. For the rest of the countries you can join as Brandmanager for free and rally your team to show support and to put your hand up to the International Team to open your country for business. Use the following link to explore and join the evolution of business. To register, select English/Brandmanager/Join as Brandmanager and fill in a few of your details.After registration you will receive your own back office, website and presentation materials and more guidance from me.

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