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Comprehensive transaction support service package

This package includes the accounting services, VAT support services and employee tax support services from R800 per month for the first 6 months. The transaction volume will be accessed after 6 months and the price might be amended at that stage....

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Workshop : Systematizing your business: How to implement

Roadmap and tools with the methodology to implement systematization in your business

As I see it, businesses that have the following in place have a more predictable success patterrn. ** Leadership development** Optimization and turnaround** Creating a culture of coaching ** Strategic planning (and implement...

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Posted: 2005-06-16 / Author: Alan Rae

Using Workshops And Exhibitions To Grow Your Business

The class covers how to use exhibitions and workshops as part of your overall marketing programme. What you need to do to make them a success and how to make sure you achieve effective follow up and return on the money invested.

Purpose of the Class
To make sure you get value for money if you go to an exhibition. To start to use workshops to inform about your business offerings. Both of these activities involve integrated marketing programmes to get the most out of what you spent.

Key Points
· Running an exhibition is a lead generation exercise
· The role of workshops in your marketing programme
· It doesn’t happen in a vacuum – its part of a sales process
· How do you make your stand attractive – inexpensively
· Making use of presentations, PR and other opportunities
· Publicising to your existing lead base
· Looking professional on the stand
· Organising the follow up

Questions this Class will answer
· How to prepare for the show
· How to manage your stand
· What to put in a press pack
· How to attract people to your stand
· How to build your customer database
· How to use workshops and seminars as part of your sales process

Common problems this class will help you overcome
· Turning up unprepared on the day
· Not planning the follow up properly
· Looking unprofessional on the stand
· Not making the most of the opportunities you have

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