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Registered address service (RSA Only)

Each company in South Africa is required to have a registered address, where it can receive its official mail from the Registrar of Companies, tax authorities and the public. This service includes the use of one of our official addresses as your comp...

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The simple mechanics of doing more and working less

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony." Albert Einstein

What makes a company great? You know the instant you walk in the door. It is organized, efficient and clean. Its employees are engaged, knowledgeable and eager to please. It is innovative, relevant and very successful...

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Posted: 2005-04-18 / Author:

Doing Business In The Uk - A Guide To Business Culture And Etiquette

The United Kingdom is culturally and ethnically diverse. Each of the four countries that make up the UK, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have their own clear identities. Any business or organisation, wishing to do business in the UK will benefit from knowledge and awareness of UK cultural, ethical and business values.

Purpose of Course
Business etiquette is a useful tool to build rapport and establish relationships with colleagues, clients, suppliers and customers. Understanding and observing business and cultural rules and behavioural norms enables you to present yourself favourably and can maximise the success of your business relationships in the UK.

Key Points
1. To be successful in developing business links in the UK, you need to establish a network of business relationships
2. It is essential to recognise the diverse cultures that make up the world of business in the UK and to respect those cultural differences
3. There are business support agencies in the UK that are keen to support your dealings with UK based businesses
4. Legislation in the UK supports equality and diversity and makes discrimination, in many circumstances, illegal.
5. It is important to work within and recognise the business benefits of equality and diversity when promoting your business in the UK

Five questions this course will answer
How can you make a good first impression at a first meeting?
How should you address your contact/host – how do you know when to use first names?
What about entertaining – should you - and if so what are the ground rules?
How can you observe business etiquette in meetings yet still get your point across? When promoting your business – what approaches will work the best?

Five common problems this class can help you to overcome
1. People fail to recognise the importance of understanding the culture of the country in which they wish to do business
2. Businesses don’t understand the structure of business and business support networks in the UK and as a result, miss opportunities
3. Businesses fail to understand the legal framework that supports equality and diversity in the UK
4. People fear inadvertently causing offence due to lack of awareness of cultures and business etiquette rules
5. Businesses miss valuable opportuities as they lack knowledge and guidance to build business relationships - by improving your business etiquette you automatically increase your chances of success

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