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Comprehensive transaction support service package

This package includes the accounting services, VAT support services and employee tax support services from R800 per month for the first 6 months. The transaction volume will be accessed after 6 months and the price might be amended at that stage....

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Cashflow should not be a problem ever!


One of the biggest causes of business failure one that catches even the most experienced business owner unawares is poor cash flow. Small and Medium businesses are particularly vulnerable. W...

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Posted: 2005-04-18 / Author:

How To Overcome The Stumbling Blocks & Upsets In Your Day

Owning a small business or working within one can be exciting, satisfying and rewarding - personally and financially. However it’s definitely not an easy option. No matter how clearly we plan our days and our longer-term strategies, upsets will and do happen. Unexpected crises, stressful situations and complaining customers and colleagues all form part of workplace challenges. How we handle them, put them into perspective, learn from them and move on can have a great deal of impact - positive or negative on small business owners and managers both personally and professionally.

Purpose of Class
Upsetting situations at work can be planned and unplanned and are sometimes unavoidable. Learning how to handle those situations when they do occur can have a positive affect on the outcome – and our feelings about the outcome.

Key Points
Our personality types determine our natural reactions to upsetting situations Skills and strategies can be learned to overcome the challenges of upsetting situations Sometimes upset and conflict is necessary for a small business to learn and grow – how they are handled is critical Developing and maintaining an accurate sense of perspective is a useful tool We have choices about how we react emotionally to stressful and upsetting situations

Five Questions This Class Will Answer
1. How do you work out what your key sources of upset are?
2. How can you analyse your disposition and assess what strategies will work for you?
3. How can you develop a true sense of perspective?
4. How well do you manage stress?
5. How can you learn to work with colleagues and customers who are different or difficult?

Five Common Problems This Class Will Help You Overcome
1. People are reactive to upset and stress.
2. People feel they need to either attack or defend
3. People struggle to ‘offload’ the negative effects of upsetting situations
4. People who are achievers feel frustrated and out of control when things don’t go according to plan
5. People allow the cumulative effects of upsetting situations s to ‘drag them down’, and fail to move on

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