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"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony." Albert Einstein

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Posted: 2005-04-18 / Author:

The Best Way To Deal With Conflict As A Leader

Managing conflict with both colleagues & customers is one of the major causes of stress in business. Much conflict can be defused or avoided altogether and some conflict situations can benefit small businesses and their leaders, even though those situations may feel very uncomfortable at the time. This class offers practical guidance in managing and resolving conflict situations – and achieving positive outcomes.

Purpose of Class
Small business leaders need skills and strategies to handle confrontations confidently and professionally and to use conflict as a positive business improvement tool

Key Points
Conflict occurs naturally when people interact – this is normal – we can’t eliminate all conflict Teams, businesses and individuals need positive conflict interactions to grow and develop Not all conflict is positive. Negative conflict or unnecessary conflict is costly, destructive and time consuming. It is this conflict that needs to be identified and eliminated Positive conflict situations need to be carefully managed to ensure that they don’t turn negative Healthy, carefully managed conflict can be an effective way for businesses and leaders to grow, learn and become more productive and fulfilled

Five Questions This Class Will Answer
1. How do you distinguish positive conflict from negative or unnecessary conflict? 2. How do you separate the personal emotional aspects of conflict from the problem solving elements?
3. How can you use conflict interactions to learn and grow personally and to develop your business?
4. How can you eliminate negative and unnecessary conflict from your business? 5. How can you handle conflict situations sensitively so that all parties can move on?

Five Common Problems This Class Can Help You to Overcome
1. People feel uncomfortable tackling conflict and may ignore it, hoping that it will go away
2. People fail to recognise when conflict is necessary or healthy for a business
3. People are afraid to upset the ‘status-quo’ with ideas that may provoke conflict 4. Negative conflict if ignored can produce lower morale, lower productivity, high stress levels and burn-out
5. If conflict is not carefully managed, people start trying to score points over each other, rather than problem solve together

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