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Entrepreneurial start-up

This package consist of the company registration service, business plan writing service (including the initial financial forecast), business identity service, website design and hosting services and accounting Services. This package is offered a...

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Opportunity to grow or start your business

A great opportunity to explore if you want to start a business or have one

So, you want to start a or grow a†business? Then youíd better make sure it is the right kind of business and that it will eventually be Scalable and Saleable. ...

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Posted: 2021-01-19 / Author: Luther C Diedericks

Are You Ready To Set Up Your Digital Business To Thrive?

) Integrate AI-driven marketing pathways, tools and chatbots that will set up your business for success in the digital decade.

Let’s start making more money with improved with Marketing and Sales.You have 2 options to invest in for help Replica Watches

1 Join my 6-week E-course (Do-It-Yourself) for R697($47) starting when you are ready. Click here to read more

Click  here to register for option 1 or 2

2 Join me doing an international program  (Do-It-With-You) over 8 weeks for only $700($400 per 4-week module) with mentoring support and inclusions below included. I invested in a partnership and can offer it only to the first five to register and pay. The retail price is $2495) which would offer real value and making my offer a bargain.
GEM membership for 12 months worth $4850; and
Mentor status for 12 Months worth $4850

Module 1: Marketing 5.0 (25 January to 19 February 2021) Integrate AI-driven marketing pathways, tools and chatbots that will set up your business for success in the digital decade. During this 4 week microschool you get to learn, design, build and launch proven marketing strategies, including A.I. Ads, 1-1 Customer Journeys, A.I. Chatbots, Podcasts with the support of an expert faculty who have experience running million dollar launches using the latest marketing tech. These strategies and tools are deliberately crafted to scale your business, no matter how the economy is doing.

When you join us, you will experience a tailored approach to create a brand new digital pathway for your business. Whether you are a one-person freelancer, a startup with a small team or an enterprise with hundreds of staff, we have a program that will deliver you the results you want and need to lead you out of the crisis.

For as little as one to two hours each day, you will have the guidance of the mentors as well as the support of your facilitator to implement a full plan from zero to a fully operating digital cash-generating pathway by the end of the four weeks.

Module 2: Sales 5.0  (22 February to 19 March 2021) Details of content to be advised

With the above two modules GeniusU is launching their first by-invitation pioneer certificate programs for their VIP community of global entrepreneurs and mentors. In the following months, we are acquiring a high school, vocational college and a US university which will provide certificates, diplomas and degrees for the Genius Curriculum. With the Marketing 5.0 microschool you will be joining me as ‚Äė‚Äúfounding member‚ÄĚ community of Genius Graduates.

I look forward to working with you!

Luther Diedericks
Mentor GeniusU

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